Rhenocoll Academy

The Rhenocoll Academy serves to bring the specially developed applications closer to the consumer so that they can process them correctly with the best possible result.
We are pleased to offer you the following seminars at the moment. The price per seminar participant is inclusive of accommodation and meals when traveling to Konken and without any additional costs, such as transport or interpreting services.

Product training: window systems for the professional

In the seminar, product knowledge and worth knowing background to the different coating systems of Rhenocoll - correct product selection depending on the protective task - correct handling of the respective technology - spraying exercises in manual operation - correct processing of the endangered areas - quality assurance through proper product use - guarantee statements - maintenance and care of windows - renovation brought closer.

Seminar 1:
industrial wood window systems, as well as wood glues and glazes in theory and practice

Price Tag 1-2: EUR 270,00 net

In addition, we are adding another day to the current seminar for those interested in our PVC coating.

Dates: Training for individuals and small groups on request

Seminar 2:
industrial plastic coating in theory and practice

Price Tag 1-3: EUR 399,00 net

Course of the seminars
1. Tag 13: 00 - 17: 00 clock
2. Tag 09: 00 - 15: 00 clock
Event ending seminar 1
3. Tag 09: 00 - 13: 00 clock
Event ending seminar 2

Dates: Training for individuals and small groups on request Below you can view or download the conditions of participation and the registration form.

Product training: exposed concrete cosmetics

We offer a three-day product training at our facility in Konken, in order to process the different mineral concrete cosmetic products professionally. The participation is a prerequisite to purchase the products.

Schedule dates for training in 2017:
January 24-26,
February 14-16,
March 14-16,
April 25-27,
May 16-18,
June 13-15,
July 12-14,
August 15-17,
September 12-14,
October 17-19,
November 14-16,
December 14-16.

Training program, day of arrival and location:
Hotel Reweschnier, Kuseler Str. 1, 66869 Blaubach, 18:00 PM – 20:00 PM – dinner at the hotel

Venue of the training: Company building Rhenocoll-Werk eK., Erlenhöhe 20, 66871 Konken (industrial zone)

90% of the training will be practical processing, to experience the characteristics of the products as intensive as possible. We offer the possibility to reserve the training for up to three persons. Seminar costs: The price is 3 € / per person, including food and accommodation in a hotel.

Please book the training here: info@rhenocoll.de