Why Rhenocoll HealthPaint?

No biocides - no environmental toxins

Rhenocoll HealthPaint work according to nature - entirely WITHOUT BIOCIDES.

Does'nt evaporate - absolutely odorless

The mineral mixture is odorless, does not evaporate, is absolutely easy to handle.

Fast drying

The applied paint dries in less than 30 minutes.

Designed for professional use

Several large painting companies are already working with the Rhenocoll HealthPaint and everyone is completely enthusiastic.

Suitable for damp rooms - permable

Moisture is no problem for the Rhenocoll HealthPaint, because of our patented process it is particularly permable.

Preventive protection

Skillful selection of raw materials provides preventive protection according to physical principles. An additional treatment against mold and bacteria can be omitted.

Completely harmless to humans and animals

The purely natural mineral mixture is absolutely harmless for humans and animals.

From Research & Development

The product was developed and patented by in-house research & development.

Protect your wood inside and out

Karnauba oil

Wax oil, natural wax base. Produces very hard-wearing surfaces. Water based, environmentally friendly

Imprägnierung 30 S

Impregnation, water-based, with excellent depth effect, for interior and exterior timber, balconies, façade paneling, cladding, pergola, building elements, windows and doors.

Imprägnierlasur 52 S

Thin layer glaze with higher solids. Water-based for wood indoors and outdoors without earth contact.

Compaktlasur 55 S

Middle layer glaze with higher solids. Makes a movie for strong weather protection. Water-based for wood indoors and outdoors without earth contact, wooden house, beams, balcony, facade cladding, boarding.

Deckfarbe 94

Thick-film forming top-coat. Opaque intermediate and finishing coating, water-based, for timber and mineral substrates, interior and exterior.

Rhenocoll wood oil Aqua WO 7

Wood Oil Aqua WO 7 is a water-based oil emulsion, environmentally friendly, odorless. It is preferably used for the protection and care of wood.

Rhenocoll Wipe Varnish 45

Rhenocoll Wipe Varnish 45 is a glaze for wood. For thin application thicknesses, for coloring, odorless